Five ways your bank card can take you places!

Remember the days when all you wanted to do was open a bank account? You were a teenager and it didn’t really matter with which bank because you were interested in how cool and colourful the card looked or you were after a feeling of independence and feeling like more of a grown up. Either that or you were simply told to get a bank account by your parents. Gone are those days!

These days, you really are a “grown up” and chances are, you are more intentional about our spending habits, about where and on what you spend our money, and on how much you are charged for using bank facilities. In these tough economic times, it has become more important for us all to ask, “What can my bank card do for me”, as we become more interested in perks, rewards and getting the most out of any deal. When we attended the launch of the SAA Voyager Cheque Card with Nedbank, it only made sense that we shared the information with you all. As young travellers who spend hours in queues during last minute check-in, running from one boarding gate to the other and sitting on uncomfortable airport benches while waiting for our connecting flights during terribly long layovers, we were excited to hear what this bank card had to offer. We came to realise that Nedbank was leading in terms of their perks and added value, especially for those looking to travel more. So here are five ways your Nedbank Cheque Card or Credit Card can literally take you places!


1.EarnVoyager Miles for lifestyle items. You earn voyager miles that can actually be used not just for flights but that can also be exchanged for a wide variety of travel rewards, including stays at selected accommodation partners, car hire, exotic cruises, duty-free shopping, online gifting, and even health spa treatments.

2. Travel insurance.You get 20% discount on superior travel top-up insurance for SAA flights.

  • Why is it importantto have travel insurance? By taking out travel insurance you are essentially covering yourself against travel risks such as lost or stolen luggage, cancellation cover (should you not be able to travel due to unexpected medical reasons) and most importantly, unexpected medical costs abroad.

3. You get extra protection. In addition to the obvious safety benefit of not having to carry cash, Nedbank Credit Cards add a further layer of security to the shopping experience through a comprehensive benefit for the buyer. “Purchase protection is standard across all Nedbank cards where customers have the right to query and request a charge back if goods and services are not delivered. Some of our cards have the added benefit of warranty protection for goods that are damaged or stolen within a period of time after purchase as well. This protection is immediately applied as the point of the transaction being completed on a Nedbank card,” Wood explains. If you purchase something of value while on a trip and then it is stolen out of your luggage for example, you would be compensated. It also gives you peace of mind that you would be less likely to be scammed or overcharged while using your Nedbank Card.

4. Helps you budget/stay on track.Making most of your payments with a Credit or Cheque Card is an easy way to keep track of all your spending. As a Nedbank Card user, you can access a detailed breakdown of all your card transactions, particularly through the Nedbank MoneyApp, which is an excellent way of balancing your budget, working out what you’re spending most of your money on, and planning your future spending,” According to Wood. If you are spending too much money on private transportation while on a trip, for example, you can track this and decide to start using more public transportation to save money.


5. Comfort.Lastly, the SAA Voyager Credit and Cheque Cards also speed up the rate of miles acquisition through a variety of bonuses and special offers, while offering specially negotiated travel offers as well as local or international airport lounge access and business class check-in, which can make a long trip a much more pleasant experience.

Nedbank Cheque and Credit cardholders currently enjoy the chance to win a bucket list experience of a lifetime worth R50 000. Anyone who owns, or takes out, a Nedbank Cheque or Credit Card, and uses it at least five times per month, will automatically put themselves in line to win a R50 000 #NedbankBucketList experience. If you don’t already have one, consider the above five benefits of having a Nedbank Card as well as the chance to win R50 000 worth of a bucket list activity as motivation to go get one!


For more information check out our YouTube video here:


 Or visit – https://www.nedbank.co.za/website/unmatched/bucketlist

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