Why the Ford Everest is the Perfect Car for Road Trips

The best way to enjoy Mpumalanga’s beautiful scenery and changing landscapes is by doing so in comfort – in the comfort of a Ford Everest that is! Think about this for a second. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear someone exclaim, “road trip!” Maybe it’s how far away the destination is and how taxing it’ll be to get there. Or maybe you think about whether you’ll be uncomfortable; how many people will be sharing the driving load or if there will be enough space for everyone and everything. These are all valid concerns. Space and comfort definitely have a lot to do with how enjoyable your road trip experience will be. Remember – road trips are not solely about your destination. They are equally about the journey to get there. One thing we easily take for granted and which takes away from our ability to fully enjoy the actual road trip is how we will get there (in other words, in what will we get there?).


Late last year we planned an epic road trip down to Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. We couldn’t help but wonder how four women would travel in comfort and style, in a car that would tick all our road trip vehicle boxes. Thanks to Ford we were able to try out their top-of-the-range Ford Everest for a week and it definitely ticked all the boxes. Read on to find out what we loved most!

#1 – Connectivity

And don’t we all love to be connected these days? But while driving the Ford Everest you can be connected without compromising on your safety. The moment you start the car and are ready to hit the road the Ford Everest syncs your phone to the screen of the car, making it easier to keep safe while you drive. This means you get to use something called “Car Play”, a seamless system which allows you to connect to the world! That means hands free calls. It also means easy navigation and not having to squint your eyes at your phone’s GPS. We loved how it also connected to all our music so we didn’t need to keep changing albums on the phone itself.

#2 – Sound

What’s a road trip without music? I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not a road trip at all if the car you’re in isn’t soothing you with some good music or blasting your favourite singalong’s. But it’s also utterly disappointing to be in the backseat and not hear a thing! Well, the Everest has got you covered with ample sound coming at you from every direction (no jokes) and you can even play around with where you want the sound to come from. What this means is if you have passengers are fast asleep in the backseat but still want to have your own party while driving, you can do so.


#3 – Sleepiness Detector

This amazing safety feature is called “Driver Alert” and it tracks and analyses a drivers performance then gives the driver an alert if it detects that the driver is drowsy. What it does is track the lane that the car is in and can then track erratic driving movements. That way you’ll know when you need to stop for a rest break or to switch drivers. This feature actually came in handy for us! Much respect to smart cars with such features, especially for long drives.

#4 – Off-road Features

Our accommodation was within the Kruger National Park. After driving on beautiful tarmac roads, this changes once you cross the Kruger National Park access gate. What’s cool about the Ford Everest is its Terrain Management System, which makes it easy to drive on any terrain. Since we love exploring it didn’t hurt to do a #shotleft into some dirt roads and partly into a forest to take some amazing photos. This feature made us a lot less reserved about the places we could go in our Ford and helped bring out the adventurer in all of us!


#5 – Seat Comfort

The moment you sink your body into the seats you feel comfortable, safe and ready to take to the road. It’s interesting how much we all enjoyed and anticipated getting into our Ford Everest; leaving the comfort of our accommodation to explore Mpumalanga and its winding roads. That’s the feeling your car should give you! The weather in Mpumalanga was a little moody during our trip so on one really cold day we discovered seat warmers! We loved how you could control the heat and feel comfortable even on a long road trip.


-The Lived Experience.



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