All you need to know about The SAB World of Beer

As a typical Jozi girl (I mean I have lived here for over 20 years but I still don’t consider JHB home), growing up in the hustle and bustle of the city, years of taking taxi’s from Bree taxi rank to Eastgate Mall and at times passing by the SAB World of Beer, I am a little embarrassed that in all those years I still hadn’t walked in and seen what it has to offer. That changed about 2 weeks ago when I decided it was time to do a bit more digging in my city and explore it with 2 friends (Thanks Lerato Lefafa & Tiffanie Anderson from Away to Africa) .We took the leap and discovered it in the heart of Jozi, Newtown.


What does the SAB World of Beer offer:

If you’re bored or just ready to discover the SAB World of Beer there are options that you can take when taking a visit. The SAB World of Beer is open seven days a week from 10am until 6pm. The last tour is at 5pm, except for Sundays and Mondays, when the last tour is at 4pm. Tours are run every hour on the hour and bookings are essential. If you would like to combine your tour with a beer tasting, keep in mind that the last tour and tasting is at3pm every day. They are open on public holidays.

  • The Tour:

The tour is possibly the most amazing, informative, interactive tour I have ever been on and bear in mind that I have been on many tours in all my time on earth. Firstly, the tour guide that we had, was passionate, open with us and always offered some additional facts when we asked him questions. The tour goes into where beer is from, the very beginning at The Hathers Hall, we then moved on to discovering how beer moved into Africa. The tour took us to beer in Africa and we watched an amazing short movie on Umqombothi (the name used for African beer), and the added bonus? We all got a taste of real, authentic African beer.


After that the tour moved to beer in Europe and then the Greenfields where we saw where the hops and barley are stored and grown. We also got to have a smell and touch some of these grains and then moved to beer in the Cape before we stopped to grabbed a cold drink at Heritage Hall.


After that break we headed to the Soweto Shabeens where the set is built exactly to scale of the housing back in 1962. We got to see the brewing process and moved to having a look at the SAB beers.

  • The Beer tasting:

As a relatively “new” beer drinker this was exciting for me but even better was the fact that even for both my friends who aren’t beer drinkers, the beer tasting was informative and a real pallet journey as we tasted and explored some of the complex flavors that SAB had to offer. We tasted the Castle Milk Stout, Hansa, Castle Lite, Castle Lager and we had beer that is made and sold only in the Western Cape – Newlands Spring, as well as a beer sold and made in Swaziland, The Sibebe. To cleanse our pallets we had some water and crackers in between each drink.



  • The Tap Room:

After the tasting we headed down to the tap room which is where we redeemed our drink coupons (you get 2 coupons) and enjoyed a drink overlooking the city. They also serve food so if you want to line your stomach then a burger or fish & chips will go well with the beer tasting!

What will you pay?

The tour only:

Adults R127.00
Pensioners R117.00
Students R117.00
Children (up to17 years) R 46.00

Tour & Tasting Package – R197.00

Beer Tasting R117.00

What else is included in the tour (children excluded)?

  • Tour guide
  • One half-way beer
  • Souvenir glass
  • Two drink vouchers redeemable in the Taproom
  • Bar snacks (Simba chips + peanuts)

Why should you visit this December?

  • The tour is not just about beer but it’s also very cultural & historic.
  • You get to meet amazing people on your tour & bond through beer.
  • The value surpasses the price that you pay with a take home souvenir glass that will always remind you about your tour.
  • The staff is friendly and always eager to help you.
  • It’s a great idea for a date or a friends get-together.


For more information visit them here: http://www.worldofbeer.co.za/

Follow @the_lived_experience + @Thobi_M for more on the tour.




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