1st experience at the Nedbank Golf Challenge!

When I first received the email inviting me to experience the Nedbank Golf Challenge with Volvo cars, I thought, “What do I know about golf?” but then I quickly turned that thought into, “I wonder what I could learn from going to this event?” And of course I sent that RSVP in a jiffy!


The day of the event arrived and a few media and guests met at the PR company’s office and all of a sudden we are being handed keys. Now bear in mind that I had assumed that we are being shuttled to Sun City…so you can imagine the shock I felt when I was being called to sign for my keys. We all convoyed down to Sun City in true style and I got to experience driving the Volvo S90. I’m not a car expert but what I can say is that it is certainly Swedish luxury at its very best, drives like a dream, parks itself, has the best sound (perfect for long drives) and the boot space is enormous! It really is the perfect road trip car. It also detects pedestrians, cyclists even large animals on the road and will warn you at the right time, which is a massive safety plus. And the seats? A dream – big and spacious and they tug you at all the right places. I could go on and on…


The drive was scenic, with a few stops along the way before we finally arrived to Sun City to witness some of the worlds best Golfers and Golf enthusiasts. If you ever find yourself on the greens for the first time, here are a few tips that could help make the experience that much more enjoyable.


  1. Make sure you travel there with great people because the ride to Sun City is between 1h30mins-2h00hrs so good company and music is always a plus.
  2. Dress comfortably. Ladies I’m sure we all want to look gorgeous but bare in mind that the marquees are really spaced out meaning you could end up walking up to 15min to your marquee.
  3. Keep your phone on silent. Trust me – just do it because as you walk there are moments where you are forced to stand still, watch and keep really quiet so you don’t ever want to be that embarrassing person with a phone going off at the wrong time.
  4. Sun screen is your best friend – it is usually pretty hot around the time of the challenge so make sure you have some sunscreen with you.
  5. Ask questions – trust me at times I felt so lost but luckily I mustered the courage and asked people around me about what was happening and about the game of Golf.
  6. Lastly – have FUN.


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