Hot Air Ballooning – Ticked off the Bucket List

bucket list



  1. a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

“making this trip is the first thing on my bucket list”


It’s 3:30am on Friday the 26th October and we are woken up by knocks on our doors (because who really wakes up at that time these days…we needed a wake up call.) I’m already mentally awake because all I can think about is 1stly NOT being late and 2ndly how I’m about to tick off something magical off my bucket list all thanks to Nedbank & their new campaign #NedbankBucketList. We head out to the buses and head off for the 30min drive to Bill Harrops “Original” Balloon Safaris in Magaliesberg. We arrive to coffee, juices, muffins, snacks, blankets for the ride and some sunscreen too. If you havn’t already guessed, yes..we are going Hot Air Ballooning.IMG_8902.jpgIMG_8922.jpgIMG_8905.jpg

5:30am it’s departure time. The Balloons are prepped and ready & we are divided into our groups for the trip. We hop into our balloon with about 8 of us for a 45min ride that is nothing short of magic but slightly weird at the same time. “..So how does it feel..?” you might be asking yourselves? Well, It doesn’t feel like a speed boat kind of speed…it’s not like a plane ride too…there is a lot of pulling and tugging on the ropes to “steer” us and a lot of gas aka “fire” to keep us up so no bumpy ride here. While on the ride our Captain is educating us and at times it starts to hit you that, “Damn, I am this high…nothing is really holding me up but how beautiful is our country?…” With that comes the amazing conversations and laughs shared with other guests and of course we had to just try manifest the point that we would all love a piece of land..


After 45mins we descend to Champagne and orange juice, better knows to us likers of things as a Mimosa. We head back to base having experienced what many have not and replaying the moments shared on the basket (I’m sure that’s the correct terminology)

5CC7B4A2-6570-42E4-8774-8C03761433E7.JPG529A536F-B8B0-4328-B056-6AE81C61A8CA 2.JPGIt’s crazy what a bank card can do for you these days – it’s not just about saving or putting your money in an account but it’s also about making that money work for you and living life to the fullest. From getting your adrenaline pumping 10 000 feet off the ground to savouring exotic flavours in new places, life is always exciting when you have something to strive for. Some call them goals, some call them dreams and others know them as aspirations. They call it your #NedbankBucketList.

How can YOU get yourself an unforgettable #NedbankBucketList experience worth R50 000?

  • Own, or take out a Nedbank Cheque or credit card.
  • Use your Nedbank cheque or credit card at least five times a month for everyday purchases.
  • Tweet your dream experience with #NedbankBucketList.

Follow them on Twitter @Nedbank + share your bucket list.

To apply for a Nedbank cheque or credit card, and put yourself in line to win a R50 000 #NedbankBucketList experience, go to www.nedbank.co.za/bucketlist  or visit any Nedbank branch.

6EA8CE0C-E743-40FF-B8AB-6E1410E85446.JPGWritten & experienced by Thobeka aka Thobi

Instagram @Thobi_Rose / @the_lived_experience



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