Make your travels easier with Cashcloud

As avid travel enthusiasts that love exploring both our country and International locations, it’s always been annoying when you need to call your bank the day before and tell them that you will be using your card & then comes the high banking fees when you swiping overseas, so Cashcloud has been a real lifesaver.


What is it?

CASHCLOUD prides itself on being an affordable mobile banking solution, since 2014. A great option for all South Africans, tourists and foreign individuals alike! An easy online application process with self-registration and two account options, CASHCLOUD caters to everyone.

CashCloud benefits.

  • CASHCLOUD offers a fresh approach to banking accessibility.
  • No paperwork.
  • no queues in branches.
  • no calls on hold.
  • no fuss!
  • CASHCLOUD offers multiple channels to communicate on, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.



5 Reasons you should download the Cashcloud banking App NOW.

  • Easy registration Register with a selfie & your ID.
  • Easy & Convenient – Online shopping + check balances on your app.
  • NO paperwork/branches – Download statements on your phone.
  • Alternative communication – Whatsapp call centre meaning No “on hold” calls.
  • Bank anywhere – Travel made easy + Best rates locally and Internationally.

The CASHCLOUD Mobile App is available for download from the Google play store.

Follow @Cascloud_sa on Instagram for more information.

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