We found a Tea-Room in the heart of Jozi

IMG_8777I’ve always been fascinated with food, especially brunch because I am terrible at eating before 10am (I’m trying to fix this) and we stumbled across a quaint restaurant in Parktown north, which you could easily pass while driving down 7th avenue. We decided that we want to go and feast on a warm Saturday morning and explore the menu and set up of the tearoom – Gabriella’s tea room. We arrived just after 12pm and craving the amazing brunch menu, needless to say we had to beg the staff to serve it to us even though the lunch menu had kicked in, we were excited when she said, “Okay, I’ll make breakfast”. We found the right spot in the back with not more than 15 tables around us and ordered some freshly squeezed orange juices (with no added kick might I say). We were right in front of the famous wall with red fresh flowers that give the minimalistic looking resturant a touch of color.IMG_8765

The menu is a mix of Italian and Hungarian foods, from the Breakfast stack of beef fillet, mozzarella and a poached egg with a rich Napolitana sauce (I mean, how amazing does that sound?), to the more “traditional” breakfast of a 3 egg omelette with bolognaise and grated mozzarella to creamy polenta topped with a spicy bean and tomato ragu one of my favourites (I had never eaten Polenta ever before but I fell in love) and the something sweet for those with a sweet tooth for brekkie the Gluten free vanilla scented crumpets with bananan and a berry compote (that’s just a fahncy way of saying sauce..) ….the portions are generous and you are likely to have a take away for lunch or a snack when you get hungry during the day. I would certainly compare it to a boutique hotel in the way its menu reads and in the way it is so secluded.

IMG_8767For food lovers and any adventurous people we would certainly recommend it – the breakfast menu runs from 8:30am – 11:30 and lunch menu from 12:00 – 14:30 from Tuesday to Sunday.

Average spend for 2 including a drink: R180

Pay them a visit – 43 7th Avenue Parktown North

To watch our Vlog on the experience visit – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUhlJgj9xI8&t=453s

Written by: Thobi Mthembu ( Half of the Lived Experience)

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